Question and improve the values our current economic and financial systems are based on, strengthen democracies and challenge existing power dynamics to create lasting climate solutions.


Climate change is a global issue. In international climate negotiations, each sovereign country represents its own interests. However, historically ingrained power relations between nations affect the negotiations’ outcomes by prioritising the voices of some over others. To foster global climate justice and develop resilient climate solutions, we need to create inclusive decision-making processes, overcome historical dependencies, and strengthen the voices of those most affected by climate change.

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While geared towards prosperity, current economic and financial systems are also driving global inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change. We need to challenge the values these systems are built upon and promote new measures of success, such as planetary health and human wellbeing, to guide individual, political, and corporate action.

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Social inequalities, misinformation, and polarisation are dividing societies in Europe and around the globe, threatening democratic values and impeding climate action. To strengthen democracies, we need to promote and communicate common societal climate goals across the political landscape and hold decision-makers to account to implement them.

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Other Areas

Drive the sustainable transformation of the energy, agriculture, industry, transport, and buildings sectors. Without immediate and deep emission reductions across these sectors it will be impossible to limit global warming to 1.5°C.


Empower communities and grassroots movements as agents of change. Enable locally adopted climate solutions, protect and restore nature and biodiversity, and recognise the nexus of climate change and health.