The Climate Solutions Hub

The disruptive effects of climate change are already being felt across the globe today. Unprecedented climate events are quickly becoming the new normal, and the science tells us that if global warming exceeds 1.5°C, the consequences for our life on earth could be catastrophic.

Yet while the facts are clear, current climate action is far from enough – if policies remain as they are, the world will be at least 2.9°C warmer by 2100. To prevent the worst from happening the coming years are decisive: by 2030 emissions need to have halved globally, and by 2050 they need to be net zero.

We are convinced that donors can make a real difference for the global transition towards a low-carbon economy to be swift, just, and inclusive. Yet, we have been observing that many struggle with the complexity of the climate crisis, leaving them unsure of which projects to support. Thus, we created the Climate Solutions Hub as a co-funding platform to enable individuals and institutions to take an active role in combatting climate change – in a simple, low-risk and convenient way.

The Hub benefits from the profound knowledge of its partners, some of the most experienced climate funders and experts in the world. Each partner brings a unique perspective to climate funding to the table, representing an unmatched basis for our search for high-impact climate projects. Together, we aim to take climate philanthropy to the next level.

We would like to thank the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, the Laudes Foundation, the Stiftung Mercator, and our private donors for their generous support in the development of the Climate Solutions Hub.


  • A curated selection of short videos, podcasts, reports and websites on the causes of the climate crisis, the effects already visible, and philanthropy’s role in combatting it​
  • A calendar highlighting important upcoming events and news for climate funders to watch​
  • A revolving collection of up to 22 climate projects​
  • Each project is carefully chosen in collaboration with our partners, some of the most experienced climate foundations and experts in the world​
  • Regular updates with new projects to fund
  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, learn from each other, get inspired, and co-fund individual climate projects
  • Qualitative due diligence of all organisations and projects featured
  • Regular status updates to download​
  • Regular monitoring calls with implementing organisations​
  • Support with financial transactions​


We Know...

...there are enough solutions to tackle the climate crisis and philanthropy is ready to fight the good fight. However, it remains difficult for funders to truly understand the challenge ahead and to identify high-impact solutions that also meet their interests and aspirations.

We Are...

...experts in climate philanthropy and build on a community of friends and partners established in the past 15 years. We know how to cater to the needs and interests of philanthropists. As experienced grant managers we guarantee excellent administration, due diligence and monitoring of all organisations and projects.

We Created...

...the Climate Solutions Hub as a platform for funders to embrace the complexity of the climate crisis and tap into a pool of philanthropic solutions. Here, funders can expand their knowledge, connect with peers and fund selected climate projects, while making use of a seamless and top-notch grant management service ensuring mutual learning and accountability.

We Want... help funders to take an active role in combatting the climate crisis. Their support will make high-impact projects flourish and create real change on the ground. Eventually, funder collaboratives may emerge and address selected climate related issues strategically.

We Aim...

...for the philanthropic community to make an adequate contribution to humankind's biggest challenge and to play its role in reducing emissions and climate impacts. Collaboratively, we intervene strategically, create innovation, promote systemic change and use all tools and levers at hand to support lasting change for the better.

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We invite you to join us in this endeavor. Become a member of the Climate Solutions Hub to join a like-minded community of funders, explore outstanding climate projects, and act by supporting the projects which align the most with your personal interests!

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